Monitoring structures, a real pain?

Opt for a simple solution to implement to monitor all your structures remotely.

Easy to install

Precise & discreet



Reduce your travel,

No longer report your data by hand,

Want to save time and optimize your expenses,

Need reliable analysis, be alerted in real-time in case of a problem?

What if you switched to FEELBAT connected sensors?

Discover the advantages of connected monitoring

Prolong the life of your assets and facilitate their management.

Correlate different data sets.

Ensure a more relevant and faster diagnosis.

Conduct effective and targeted repairs with optimized costs.

Implement a predictive maintenance schedule.

Access a large amount of relevant and reliable data.

Feelbat, from structural analysis to project management with a web & mobile application

The FEELBAT application is the only mobile application that brings together all the tools in a single, easy-to-use solution. It allows you to set up your sensors, configure them, and monitor your structures in real time, wherever you are.

The advantage? Receive alerts if the threshold is exceeded!

Discover all the useful features according to your needs!

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Our solutions

Frame 155

For monitoring crack evolution

The DELTA L+ is a connected electronic sensor that allows monitoring the evolution of a crack as well as the external temperature from your smartphone.

For monitoring inclination movements

The Delta R is a bi-axial inclination sensor that allows monitoring the inclination movements of walls or structures from your smartphone.

For monitoring humidity levels

The DELTA HM measures humidity in walls, ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, VOC indices, and CO2 levels (optional).

For monitoring groundwater level

The X-P sensor, a piezometric sensor, is delivered with an electronic probe to measure and monitor the evolution of the groundwater level.